Drain Cleaning in Houston


When a plumbing blockage presents itself in your Houston home or business, look no further than the experts at Pipe Doctors. Our plumbing specialists arrive promptly on the scene, providing immediate relief from a drain blockage or clogs.

We specialize in drain cleaning for all plumbing systems and appliances. We perform thorough drain unclogging using the latest materials and methods, getting your systems back to normal in no time.

You’ll appreciate our great rates, wide range of specialties, and outstanding customer service too!

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Pipe Doctors’s Drain Inspection and Clearing Process

When we arrive at your home or business property, we begin with a diligent inspection of your plumbing systems. We determine the location and scope of your plumbing blockage, proceeding efficiently with the drain cleaning. We make every effort to work safely and neatly on each property and minimize any disruptions.

In no time, your drains will be cleared of any accumulation or blockage and running smoothly once again. Our friendly, helpful team of plumbing experts can recommend and advise on the best ways to maintain your plumbing features!

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Prompt and Meticulous Drain Cleaning Services for Your Home or Business


Almost every home or business owner will deal with blocked or slow-moving drains at some point. More than just a minor inconvenience blocked drains can lead to flooding and ultimately to significant damage to your interior. To provide immediate relief to the situation, simply reach out to the plumbing professionals at Pipe Doctors.

As full-service plumbers with a number of dependable specialties, we use proven techniques and methods to perform your drain cleaning services. Our cleaning services will not only get rid of the initial blockage but will keep your drains clear and functioning well for years to come.

At Pipe Doctors, we service any and all drains, including the following:

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Laundry Machines
  • … and more!

Allow us to add efficiency and convenience to your Houston commercial or residential property!

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Proven Equipment and Techniques to Remove Drain Clogs and Blockages


We are expertly familiar with the latest, most effective products and methods for dependable drain cleaning. We use highly powerful chemicals and products as well as innovative techniques such as hydro jetting and drain camera inspections. Contact us today to learn more about our drain cleaning services.


Plumbers with Years of Dependable Experience


Our plumbing experts have been performing outstanding drain cleaning services to Houston homeowners and business owners for a number of years. We understand the time urgency of the situation, and we arrive on the scene immediately to perform the services you need.

We offer 24/7 emergency availability, making calls to your home or business when you need them both. We are also committed to the highest standards of excellence in customer service and dependable specialties— all for great rates!


Keep Your Drains Running Effectively with the Drain Cleaning Experts


When you encounter blocked or clogged drains, call the experts at Pipe Doctors. We have the experience and resources to serve you!

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Drain Cleaning in Houston

Are you the owner of a home or business in the Houston area?

When you encounter a blocked or slow-moving drain, trust the expert plumbers at Pipe Doctors to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

As an industry-leading plumbing service in Houston, we’re committed to offering outstanding commercial and residential plumbing services. Our highly-qualified plumbing professionals use the latest equipment and methods to ensure excellent results.

In addition to our exceptional customer service, we offer free estimates, competitive rates, and round-the-clock availability.

Don’t let a clogged drain slow you down—contact Pipe Doctors today!

Experienced, Reliable Drain Cleaners and Plumbers

You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve found down drains! When it comes to drain unblocking, at Pipe Doctors we’ve covered it all. From grease buildup to dental floss, to children’s toys and wedding rings.

While there are a lot of ways to keep your drains from clogging, it’s inevitable that one day you’re going to be faced with a blockage. And, that’s when you’ll be thankful to have a professional and efficient plumbing service just a phone call away!

Innovative Plumbing

Pipe Doctors use a variety of the most innovative plumbing products, guaranteed to provide a permanent fix to whatever problem is facing your home or business. A slow or clogged drain can quickly become a back-up, with the potential to cause significant flooding and damage to your space.

We have experience unclogging a wide variety of drains, such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers and tubs, toilets, garbage disposals, and sewer lines––they are no challenge to us! To quickly solve your plumbing issue, we use methods such as drain camera inspection and hydro-jetting.

Drain Camera Inspections

Drain camera inspections offer unmatched precision and access to drain blockages. Your plumbing specialist at Pipe Doctors can instantly determine not only what your blockage is, but where it’s located. We can then proceed with using the appropriate method of drain cleaning.


Hydro-jetting is another innovative procedure, using high-pressure water jets to blast drain blockages out of your plumbing line. This serves many purposes: not only will it remove whatever obstruction or accumulation is blocking your drain, but it also provides thorough cleaning of sediment and grease build-up. In other words, we’ll not only remove your clog, but will take measures to prevent one from happening again.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services

Many home or business-owners attempt to unclog drains themselves, which often exasperates the problem. The expertise of Pipe Doctors offers you a guaranteed resolution to your plumbing problem.

Pipe Doctors is also available for 24/7 emergency service. No matter when an unexpected plumbing mishap strikes your home or business, we’ll arrive on the scene and take care of the problem. We are committed to working safely within your space and will make our greatest efforts to avoid disruptions to your home or business as usual.

In no time, your newly unclogged drain will be running smoothly and functioning better than ever.

At Pipe Doctors, we offer our Houston clients years of experience, and a fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of pro contractors. Give us a call today, we’re looking forward to helping you with your plumbing needs!

We’ll Clear any Drain

Drains go further than the ones you see at the bottom of your sink or bath tub. Drains lead to pipes which extend throughout your entire property, eventually hooking up with the main sewer line that then expands throughout all of Houston.

  • Toilets
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Shower and tubs
  • Floor drains
  • Sewer lines

The majority of plumbing problems we are called for lead back to clogged drains. If you’ve tried all the methods you can think of to clear your drains and are getting nothing back, it’s time to hire a drain cleaning service. Using camera inspection, and when necessary, high pressure jet cleaning, our skilled team will clear out those drains and have your plumbing functioning properly in no time.

In-Depth Inspection

Drain clogging is caused when debris builds up on the walls of pipes making it impossible to water flow down them properly. When you hire a drain cleaning company like Pipe Doctors, we’ll start with basic methods to determine how serious the issue is, and if those don’t work, we’ll move on to more advanced methods.

By using a drain camera, we can find out if the clog is more major than expected, if there are cracked or damaged sections of pipe, or if the pipe has been penetrated by a tree root.

We highly recommend these camera services for all of our Houston clients even if the obstruction they’re dealing with is not so major. By using the camera, we can tell if there will be any problems that appear in the future and stop them before they appear.

Your Affordable Drain Cleaning Company

When you’ve done all the maintenance you can and tried every recommended DIY method for unclogging that stubborn drain and none of it is working, it’s time to hire a drain service. At Pipe Doctors, cleaning a drain properly is what we do.

Our team of expert plumbers is fully licensed and insured to perform a broad range of services. We believe in offering the highest standard of service, whether our clients need plumbing maintenance or emergency repairs. You can always depend on Pipe Doctors’ superior workmanship, attention to detail, and expertise in any plumbing service.

In addition to plumbing repairs and drain cleaning, Pipe Doctors offers dependable plumbing installation. We can install fixtures, lines, and even water heaters. Our products are state-of-the-art and will provide years of reliable performance. We look forward to putting our years of experience and expertise to work for you!

And, not only do we clear out any obstructions, we will teach you about methods you can make to ensure it doesn’t happen again. From saving your cooking grease to throw out rather than pouring it down the drain, to affordable materials you can pour down the drain instead of using harmful chemicals to clear out small bits of debris.

Give us a call to set up an appointment today! And, in case of emergencies, we are available 24/7 to take your call.