Repiping in Houston

Is it Time to Repipe Your Houston Home? Read This Guide to Find Out

It’s true that most Houston homeowners don’t think much about the piping that provides them with fresh water and keeps household waste out of sight. After all, the sign of an efficient and functional plumbing is that you don’t notice it at all, because it works exactly as it should.

If your house was built in the last 10 years, you can probably skip reading this guide. For everyone else in Houston—including the many of us that purchased an older home or a home that had been built by another family—plumbing problems are probably an unfortunate reality.

The fact of the matter is that your home’s structure is built to last a long time. If well-built, your home can probably live for a hundred years or more. But the piping that was installed by the original plumber? Not so much. If you have lead pipes in your home, they may last, but at a significant cost to your health and the health of your loved ones. CPVC piping was all the rage in the last few decades, but the material is brittle and prone to burst.

How Do I Know if My House is Due for a Repipe?

The most significant predictor or worn or damaged pipes is widespread plumbing problems in a given area of the house. If the pipes are very old or seriously damaged, you may experience plumbing problems all over your home.

Some of the most common problems that indicate your need for a plumbing overhaul are:

  • Drains that clog frequently or drain slowly, even after they’ve been cleaned
  • Water leaks and damage in walls, ceilings, or under floorboards
  • Flooding
  • Poor water pressure
  • Sewage smell coming from pipes or walls

If you’ve had to deal with any of these problems more than once over the last two years, it’s about time you had a professional plumber come in to examine your home’s plumbing architecture. By performing a full leak detection audit, our trained and licensed technicians can determine if you have weak spots in your home’s plumbing. It’s possible that your pipe damage is limited to one area of the home, but if your water is very hard or very acidic, you may have eroding pipes all over.

How Much Does Repiping a House Cost?

This all depends on the condition of your home’s existing plumbing, the size of your home, and which material you will choose to replace your pipes with. For example, new copper pipes are very expensive compared to cheaper PEX pipes, but will last for up to 100 years!

It’s true that the repipe cost will be one of the more expensive home renovation projects you undertake as a homeowner. But you’ll likely recoup much of that cost if you sell your home. To find out more about how new plumbing technologies can keep your water flowing smoothly, give Pipe Doctors a call for a free no-obligation estimate.